REgistration POLICy:

To be fully registered in a class, a minimum of first payment of the tuition fee must be paid. If it is not paid, the dancer is not registered, and will be removed from the roster within 2 weeks of Registration Application.

All class applications are to be approved by the Director, and full acceptance to each class is based on the first 2 weeks of class participation to ensure that all dancers are in the correct class for their age and level.

Payment plans:

Le Studio offers three payment plans: full, 4, or 8 equal payments per season. 

Due dates for 4 equal payments: Registration, Oct 1, Dec 1, Feb 1. 

Due dates for 8 equal payments: Registration, Sept 1, Oct, Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1, March 1.

There is an $80 non-refundable deposit for each class.

The costume deposit is non-refundable after Oct 15th.

All payments must be made for the dancer to participate in the year-end show.

Performance Team fees:

50% of fees are due at registration/placement acceptance. Full payment is due by December 1st (barring any unforeseen increases). All costs are approximate, based on the information at the time of printing the invoice. If vendor costs (Competitions, Festivals, Costumes etc) increase, the invoice will reflect those changes.


By registering for dance with Le Studio, each family agrees to fulfill a minimum of one volunteer shift in studio (dance-wear sale, picture day, ticket sales, etc.), special skill (prop/set making, seasonal decor, calendar, etc.), or out-of-studio (SEMF, bake sale, or other).

Each family also agrees to fulfill a minimum of one shift in show leadership (coordinating volunteers, clean up, backstage help, loading, transport) or general show help (usher, hair, tickets, flowers, food, etc.).

Volunteer shifts will be on a first-come, first-serve sign-up basis. Those families who fail to sign up in a timely manner will be assigned volunteer hours to ensure all volunteer shifts are filled.

Performance Team families will also be required to fill a minimum of one volunteer shift at SEMF, Preview Show, other community performance, or based on need, all of the above.


The following levels apply to all classes except Acro (which, for safety and success, must officially pass the Acro Syllabus Level) and Tiny Tots.

Levels are meant as a guideline but are not comprehensive definitions of who belongs in a class. Full discretion is given to the teachers and the Director to ensure that all dancers are placed in the class best suited to achieve personal positive success and appropriate level of challenge.

Kinder - Kindergarten/ Grade 1 regular school age (Pre-primary and Primary Dance level) 

Level 1 - Beginner or 1 year of experience in that style 

Level 2 - minimum 1-3 years of experience in that style

Level 3 - minimum 3 years of experience in that style

Level 4 - minimum 5 years experience in that style 

Level 5+ - must meet eligibility requirements, and show a high level of technique, skill and commitment.



Please respect our studio and help keep the space clean. Le Studio does not offer childcare and is not responsible for dancers who remain in the studio between, before, or after their classes. A charge will be applied to family accounts if this becomes an issue with our younger dancers (i.e., those who do not meet the current provincial legal standards to be left unsupervised).

Studio REntals:

Our studio is available for Birthday Party rentals. Please contact Le Studio for pricing, availability, and policies.

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