As a first time dance Mom I have nothing but positive things to say about Le Studio, from registration to the recital our experience as a family has been so welcoming and easy. Miss Liz has a calming and professional way about her. I will admit, the first few classes were a challenge for my son and if it wasn’t for Miss Liz and her encouraging team I’m not sure he would have made it to the recital. Tears flowed down my face as I proudly sat in the audience recital day to watch my little one confidently take the stage. Thank you for all you do! I highly recommend Le Studio!
— Shalla P-K.
My kids each started dancing at Le Studio at three years old. Part of me was worried that my son would be the only boy and sure enough, he has been the “sole male” in the majority of his classes. The teachers at Le Studio have helped give my son confidence and he has never had any concerns about being the only boy. I see my daughter looking up to the older girls and it melts my heart how much she looks up to them. I chose Le Studio because I wanted my kids to have physical activity while having fun and learning more than just “a sport”....I wanted them to learn lessons about teamwork, positivity, understanding that it is ok to not be perfect, and enjoying their journey. I have loved meeting other dance parents and feeling part of this huge it seems we’ve all watched each other’s kids growing up together. Miss Liz and all the teachers are truly wonderful people with smiles and souls that absolutely shine.
— Fiona B.
Six years ago, after misplacing her love of dance, I managed to convince my daughter to try one class at a new dance studio. She very reluctantly agreed. After her very first Jazz class at Le Studio she announced, “Miss Liz is AWESOME!” with a smile that lit up the entire car. Her love of dance continues to this day!
— Nicole M.
We have been part of Le Studio’s family for 9 years now. In these years I have seen my eldest daughter make lifelong friendships, develop a strong work ethic, get stronger physically, gain confidence in herself, and have so much fun through dance. I am excited to see her continued growth and to see my youngest daughter start her journey! The positive, friendly, and encouraging environment that Miss Liz and her team create is the reason we come back year after year!
— Michelle V.
My two girls have been dancing for 8 and 6 years and we have loved every year! They not only have learned a skilled art but gained amazing friends and confidence. We appreciate and love our dance family!
— Lisa M.
Our daughters are hooked on dance! Most of their free time at home is spent practicing new moves or improving their flexibility. Further to seeing their development of physical strength and agility, we have witnessed a boost in their self-confidence through the numerous performance opportunities at various events, not to mention all the friendships they have made with kids from different communities. Le Studio is our second home and we love our dance family!
— Jenn S.